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Healthy Vegetarian
A Know-all Short Report All About Being A Healthy Vegetaria ...


  What Living A Healthy Life Style Really Means  
In a study done at a leading University, findings showed that many Americans do not use all the       means at their disposal for them to live healthy lives. Why is this so? The basic requirements to stay fit are so easy and within reach. They are:

    1.    Stop smoking
    2.    Get your exercise at least for 30 minutes for five days in a week.
    3.    Eat a minimum of five or six portions of vegetables and fruits each day.
    4.    Maintain a body mass index of below 25.

These are the basics, and what it really means to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, reality shows that a very small percentage of American adults abided by all four guidelines for a healthy life. Surprising isn’t it? What is the meaning of this for most Americans?

Let us see the negative side first:

What is bad is that an unhealthy life style means that you are spending unnecessarily in medicines to treat those sicknesses arising out of that lifestyle! Just think about the additional cost on our health care system, already creaking under a huge burden. On the top of it are consider the lost man hours when you stay away from work due to sickness; sickness you could have easily avoided. The final loss is the shortening of your own precious life span.

Nevertheless, on the positive side these unhealthy lifestyles are alterable and within your reach, and all it requires is changing from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one. This switch will cut your risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancers, and many other debilitating diseases. So it all boils down to seeing the dangers clearly and taking steps to change.

Let us elaborate on the basic requirements above to put you on the road to good health. Once you realize this and develop the will to alter your unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one, you will need to do these:

    •    Stop smoking. It is not without reason every cigarette packet contains the warning “Smoking is injurious to health” so heed the advice and quit. If you cannot manage it alone, there are many plans and guides to help.

    •    Keep your weight at a healthy level. Sadly for most people, it means losing weight. A body mass index above 25 means you must lose that fat quick. The basics are exercise, eating a low carbohydrate and a low fat diet.

    •    Get plenty of exercise. An expensive gym, though good, is not all that is needed; just good old walking shoes will suffice. If you are in the overweight category then consult a doctor before starting a walking, running, or weights training program.

    •    Eat healthy foods. Consume whole grain bread, plenty of fruits, especially citrus fruits and fresh veggies daily. Cereals are an excellent source of fiber, which helps lower cholesterol. Add lean meats to your diet, fish high in omega 3 fatty acids like mackerel and salmon, nuts, peas, and beans. Eat smaller portions and avoid fast food, sugary foods, and ‘junk’ foods.

Then get plenty of fresh air and drink good clean water. Avoid stress that is a root cause of many illnesses. Maintain a positive attitude and keep no grudges.

Healthy Vegetarian

A Know-all Short Report All About Being A Healthy Vegetaria [...]


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