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Healthy Vegetarian
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  The Teenager's Guide To Living A Healthy Lifestyle  
Teenage is a period of time when you need to eat lots of healthy foods in order to stay fit throughout your adulthood. It is a time of physical growth and thus a teenager's body demands all essential nutrients and micro-nutrients. Not eating enough good healthy foods can stunt their growth besides causing a lot of fatigue, weakness and other heath problems even at such an early age.

Unfortunately, many teenagers are found to be extremely fussy about their food. A lot of them have become a slave to junk foods. It is a tough time for parents who have to coax their kids to eat normal healthy foods. However, in recent years there has been a greater awareness of the importance of eating healthy foods. Today many youths can be seen cultivating good eating habits. The following points will throw light on good eating habits and will guide a teenager to live a healthy lifestyle.
Breakfast is a must for everybody especially for teens. Never let your child skip their first meal of the day. Let the breakfast be not only nutritious but also substantial. If your child is too fussy, you can give them thick fruit shakes along with ice cream. Let there also be some cornflakes with their favourite fruits as toppings. Cow’s milk is extremely healthful, so use it when serving soy shakes. Give them a heavy breakfast, which will keep their stomach full for long and will help them avoid eating junk foods at school.

If you are a teenager, include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Green vegetables are rich in vitamins and will keep you healthy. As a teenager, your body is still going through a phase of growth and development, and thus it needs essential proteins, vitamins and minerals in adequate quantity. Healthy diet does not mean eating some unusual fanciful health foods that are available in some exclusive shops. Eggs contain first class protein and are thus considered very healthful. Choose to cook eggs in a style that appeals to your taste. Those of you who are not fond of eggs can try peanut butter, which is also very nutritious and full of protein. Dry fruits must be eaten everyday in some form or the other. Almonds and other nuts are extremely healthful.

Orange juice is full of vitamin C and a glass full of it can do wonders for your body's growth. Besides, it will keep common cold and other infections at bay. Eat some fruit after every meal. Eat frequently but in moderate amounts to avoid putting on weight. While taking lunch don't forget to munch at your favourite salads. Always dress your salad to your taste. If you don’t like vegetables eat them in other forms such as vegetable pizza or beans with soup, and tuna salad along with a small portion of chicken or turkey. Egg salad or tomato soup not only tastes good but also satisfies the needs of your growing body. Keep changing your menus so eating healthy foods does not become monotonous.

Do take snacks between your lunch and dinner. Drinking a glass of juice in the evening and a glass of milk in the morning will help you stay fit. Never skip any of your meals and eat only healthy foods as far as possible. This will help you stay energetic and feel fresh throughout the day. Healthy foods keep you in good sprints. It is never too late to begin living a healthy lifestyle. If you want to avoid health problems now as well as in the future, get to bed early, start your day early, exercise a bit, and eat healthy foods. Combine your healthy eating with workouts and proper amount of sleep to live a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

Healthy Vegetarian

A Know-all Short Report All About Being A Healthy Vegetaria [...]


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