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Healthy Vegetarian
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  The Benefits Of Leading A Healthy Lifestyle  
The efforts you put in to maintain your health will lead to living life at its fullest. That is the reward awaiting you. It is a fact of life that what you put in is what you get out.

The gains of following a healthy life style far outweigh the effort you put in. In the US, the figures are frightening on the country’s health scene. Thousands of deaths each year are attributed to a sedentary life. Medical research shows that there is a relationship between poor physical fitness, bad dietary habits, and smoking to heart ailments, high BP, diabetes, and more debilitating sicknesses. All these connect to your lifestyle and are preventable.

A quarter of the population in the US is overweight; scarier still is that children and adolescents are getting obese. However, on the positive side, we can alter these states by our efforts to live healthy and show the coming generation good eating and living methods.

The gains of eating a diet high in fibre and low in fats: Americans as a nation eat too much fat, more so the saturated variety, which is bad. These fats have their foundation in food based in animal resources like eggs, meat, cheese, and all diary produce. The fast food chains have all played their part in increasing our fat intake more than the daily-recommended limits.

On the other side, Americans only consume about half the necessary fibre of approx. 25 grams a day. Soluble fibre mostly found in nuts, whole grains, legumes, certain fruits, and vegetables dissolves in the stomach and assists in binding and clearing out cholesterol.

Insoluble fibre found in seed and nuts, vegetables, cereal with whole grain, fruits, and seed bearing plants also keeps the bowels moving thus preventing constipation and resulting haemorrhoids and decreases the danger posed by colorectal cancer.
Exercise for a healthy life: A shocking fact says that around 60 % of adult Americans do not involve themselves in regular fitness programs. Aerobic exercises specially help to shorten the risk posed by heart disease and strokes; benefit both types of cholesterol and blood flow to the heart and brain. Try to get as much as possible of the main types of exercises, which are aerobic rather then anaerobic and stretching exercises.

Reduce stress: Stress is the body’s responding pattern to any type of threat. However, regular fitness programs and stress removers like prayer and meditation help fight the bad effects.

Quit tobacco: Even the tobacco manufacturers have recognized the connection between smoking and cancer.

Regulate your alcohol intake: An ounce a day can be beneficial to your health; more will do harm. The medical world says an ounce can reduce bad cholesterol and help in heart disease.

Finally, we looked at the basics of healthy living. Changing your daily lives and habits is quite a job we all agree. Yet, the type of life you lead will rest on it. Take the first step today.

Healthy Vegetarian

A Know-all Short Report All About Being A Healthy Vegetaria [...]


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