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History Of Golf Collectibles

History makes novelties out of ordinary items. What could be considered as ordinary golf items in the 1800s could now be considered as prized possessions of just about any collector. If you are into collecting golf collectibles, it would be important to note that the older and the rarer objects become the more valuable they get.

Golf came as a sport in the 15th century. In 1457, King James II banned golf as a sport. Thus, most golf items and tools in those years were just stored and displayed instead of used. Why was there such a prohibition? Basically, the king thought that the uncontrollable rise in popularity of golf could make people turn away from archery, which during that time was a basic form of warfare.

From there, take a look at even more history. Surely, different golf items have their own different stories to tell. If you are actively collecting golf collectibles to this day, start looking closely at several important ideas and history.

Do you collect golf balls? The items are the most popularly collected among all other golf collectibles. This could be because golf balls are common. Many players also replace older golf balls more easily. Thus, they are easier to collect than the rest. The oldest of golf balls are called feather balls. They were practically used by people for hundreds of years until the 1850s. The items feature aesthetic leather cases that are actually strategically and creatively stuffed with different types of feathers.

Still about golf balls, gutty balls are also important and popular among collectors these days. The first gutty balls were developed and released in 1848. Such golf balls were manufactured using gutta percha, which is characterized as a hard rubbery object or substance. It is molded naturally for safety and environmental factors that could arise.

During the period 1898 until 1930, golf aficionados and fanatics were already scouting the market based on television advertisements. Thus, those novelty items could be bought currently at higher prices. They may be still useful and reliable these days. The model is using rubber golf balls, which are currently gaining popularity.

Modern golf balls refer to balls that were made and bought after 1930. Many modern golf balls could also be included in golf collectibles. If you intend to keep on collecting golf collectibles, your modern balls could be kept. No matter how ordinary your modern golf ball is, in the future its valuation would surely rise no matter what.

Golf clubs are the second most usual forms of golf collectibles. Prices vary according to the manufacturing date. For collectors, the older the manufacturing date, the higher the tag price gets. For players, newer and more functional golf clubs are more costly compared than the old and common ones. When it comes to golf clubs as collectibles, more ideal are those made during or before 1945. During those time, most golf clubs are made of stainless and pure steel, unlike the modern ones that are made of cheaper and more common forms of steel.

Lastly, just about anything could comprise your golf collectibles under possession. Your collection could be comprised of old golf magazines, postcards, decorative items, and even china decors with golf themes. All other memorabilia could also be included as long as they could possibly be related to the sport.

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