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Jogging Guide

Although many people enjoy jogging, others are content with just running or brisk walking. What is the difference between running and jogging? The major difference is the rhythmic and controlled pace compared to running which tends to have little rhythm to it. While the runner may slow down or even stop every few miles, a jogger tends to go at a steady pace during the entire activity. One of the reasons this may happen is because the jogger maintains a steady slow pace while the runner tends to start out running fast and slows down or stops when he is unable to maintain that pace. Read more in the Jogging Guide


Walking & Fitness

Walking is one of the most popular pastimes for physical fitness. You've heard all the hype about how good it is for weight loss, firming up your body, improving your overall health. All these things are true. Walking is excellent for your body, but did you know it's also good for the mind as well? Research has discovered just recently that physical activity such as walking will really help you hone up on your mental skills as well. Read more about: Walking & Fitness


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