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When you would like to work from home and live an internet lifestyle, you want to set up multiple streams of income. This will help you grow your income and it will protect your internet income from falling away when a stream dries up! When promoting affiliate-products that is always a real possibility. Products that are hot one day, can be gone the next. 

In the ebook: "Homebizideas" you will discover plenty of ideas for  homebusinesses. You will not want to use all of the tips listed, but by browsing through them, it could spark a completely different idea that excites you and you can start with! 

And the more ideas, the better. Don't assume you have to make a choice, except the choice which idea to begin with first!

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PLUS you'll also get tips for: 

- Home business ideas
- Earning money online
- Niche products 
- Affiliate products
- Residual income products

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